is defined as a sensation of worry, apprehension, fearfulness, unease or nervousness. Anxiety can further manifest into very serious disorders such as anxiety disorders..





is a state of mental or emotional strain that affects many individuals from all age groups across the lifespan. Stress is the sensation of anxiousness, pressure, worry and tension that can accumulate to progress into more serious manifestations when left untreated. Stress can progress into anxiety.

Absconding/ running away/ escape.

Uncharacterised Aggressive behaviour

Heart palpitations.

Excessive sweating.

Excessive drinking (non-alcoholic and alcoholic)

Focus or obsessions with a particular item or topic



This program is an individualised program tailored for both children and adults of all ages. The program is an ever adaptable uniquely tailored program utilising techniques and concepts centralised with behavioural therapy, play therapy, floor-time/ DIR, PRT, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and many more.

This program is suitable for:

Children with some language skills
Children of 4yrs+
Siblings of children challenged with a disability
Children that had experienced trauma or grief and is not diagnosed with Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).
Parents of one or more children
Adults that are stressed and anxious
Adults that had experienced trauma or grief and is not diagnosed with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PSTD).


Given that every program is individualised and uniquely tailored to the client, below is a sample of program structure;


Session 1: 1-2 hours of Assessment and Rapport building, includes report

Session 2: 1 hour information gathering, program structuring/ treatment planning and rapport building, includes report

Session 3:  2 hour session aimed to identify baseline measure and tailor program, includes report.

Session 4-10: 2 hour session of cognitive restructuring and technique training using fun unnoticeable techniques, session includes reports.



Lack of/ or excessive sleep

Random behavioural outbursts

Crying/ extreme sadness

Vomiting/ feeling of being unwell

Changes in eating habit (lack of appetite or excessive eating)

Twitches or other repetitive movements and behaviours

​​Symptoms of stress and anxiety are slightly different from individual to individual, these symptoms may include (but not exclusive to) the following symptomatology: