Shannon Cappello, RBT.
Senior Behavior Therapist

To date, Shannon has been professionally working in the field of Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) for 21 years. In December 2014, Shannon joined the Behaviour Analysis Certification Board (BACB) as a Registered Behaviour Technician (RBT). She has worked in various roles from the private schools, day and weekend programs, homes- based programs, private and not- for-profit organizations. Her ongoing experience exceeds no boundaries from working with toddlers to adults diagnosed with various levels and degrees of diagnoses while expanding her skills from home based mediator to senior roles.  She has developed and facilitated programs for Intensive Behaviour Intervention (IBI) programs, behaviour management plans, conducted training workshops for private and large ABA events, and has provided consultation and intensive parent coaching services.

Shannon attended Florida University (online) with a progressing Undergraduate Degree in Abnormal Clinical Psychology, she also attended Humber and Seneca College focusing on Social Service Worker (SSW) and Psychology. In 2011, Shannon continued to advance her career in ABA so she also received certifications in ABA for Preschool, Teenagers and Adults with ASD and other developmental disabilities through the Autism Behaviour Science Program in combination with Vocational Training and Transitions.

Shannon was currently training under Tanya Nesterenko, a registered Speech-Language Pathologist, as Speech-Language Pathologist Assistant (SLP-A) and overseen by other S-LP in the field surrounding.