The Crystal Ladder Learning Centre was founded by  Mariella Mongiovi, a local mother of twin daughters who at an early age were both diagnosed with Autism.  Along with her children’s long term Senior Therapist Wendy Savo, a special collaboration soon developed in which their unique yet complimentary perspectives became the catalyst in creating an open and transparent centre that places the needs of the children and their families first.  To ensure the delivery of this promise they selected an experienced multi-disciplinary team of Behavioural Therapists and a knowledgeable Board of Directors that includes Parents, Early Educators, Primary School Teacher, Child Psychologist and Board Certified Behaviour Analyst.

​“We know that the rates of autism are soaring and it’s difficult to find autism services that meet your child’s need.  The CLLC has identified that children with autism just don’t need IBI serices but opportunities to engage in different learning to consolidate the skills they are learning in IBI.  The goal of the CLLC is to offer learning beyond IBI for children with autism and other developmental challenges, siblings, friends, for all children.  We aim to recruit enthusiastic and skills multi-disciplinary professional to offer activities such as SLP services, social skills classes, cooking, yoga, karate, music, tutoring, after school and PA camps.  We are looking to grow and thrive offering activities where the classrooms will be filled with children learning and enjoying themselves”  

Our 6, 800 square foot facility has been created to host all educational and recreational programs such as IBI/ABA, Neurofeedback Brain Training, NeuroNet Brain Training, Culinary Kids Cooking Classes, Creative Arts, Yoga, Dance and Language Programs.  By exploring our imagination, we strive to teach through play.

It is our vision to create a fresh and innovative educational learning centre, that endeavours to create and facilitate recreational and educational programs for all children. Our inclusive environment provides ABA Services that aim to deliver a holistic and exemplary approach to educating children with exceptionalities.  The Crystal Ladder Learning Centre addresses the sensory needs of our learners by providing an Outdoor Recreational/Sensory Playground, a state-of-the-art Snoezelen Sensory Room and therapeutic equipment in our Movement Room.  

By addressing all levels of learning, we continue to fulfill our goal of  teaching inquiry based learning through play.  We look forward to sharing and crafting meaningful learning opportunities for children of all abilities.