ABA Therapy

Applied Behaviour Analysis

The Crystal Ladder’s Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) program is an evidence-based Ontario Autism Program (OAP) approved intensive behavioural intervention for children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and other Neurodevelopmental Delays.  A CLLC Treatment Team made up of a Clinical Director, Clinical Psychologist, Behaviour Support Specialist and Registered Behaviour Therapists collaborate to ensure assessments, curriculum’s, data collection, and program supervision follow The Professional and Ethical Compliance Code for Behaviour Analysts.  To ensure the development, implementation and overall effectiveness of each client’s Individual Service Plan (ISP), each child receives the following therapeutic services:

-One-on-One, Small & Large Group Instruction
-ABLLS-R and/or AFLS Assessments
-OAP/ISP Curriculum & Budget Plan
-Daily Session Reports and Regular Update Meetings