Primary School Program

Primary School

Educational Philosophy and Mission
Our commitment and proven holistic approach in providing a wide-variety of educational treatment programs for children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder continues to be the cornerstone of our learning environments. Applying years of experience and clinical expertise in Applied Behavioural Analysis methodology, The Crystal Ladder Academy’s faculty of Registered Behavioural Therapists and Ontario Board Certified Teachers effectively facilitate an evidence-based special education program. In doing so, our students receive a clinically-enriched learning experience while meeting the goals and expectations of the province of Ontario’s official curriculum’s.

ABA Integrated Educational Approach
Applied Behaviour Analysis uses evidence-based principles to provide children on the Autism Spectrum with the support they need to learn, build and retain skills. From one to one, small and large group instruction, our team of Educators have the knowledge and expertise to better identify and deal with challenging barriers to learning that many students with ASD face. Benefiting from our unique approach in integrating scientifically proven ABA methodology to the Ontario Elementary School Curriculum, our students receive the individual clinical-care and behavioural intervention strategies that best addresses their unique educational needs.

Individual Education Plans
Given the unique and diverse range of educational supports needed to properly assist students with exceptionalities, the development of an Individual Education Plan is essential in achieving positive learning results. Utilizing a multidisciplinary team approach, our Clinical Treatment Team and Educators collaborate closely with parents and other service providers to establish an educational framework that outlines alternatives, accommodations and modified learning modalities for each of our students. Moreover, by conducting periodic clinical assessments, our comprehensive plans effectively incorporate concrete strategies with appropriate instructional levels and learning styles that best meet our student’s short and long-term academic goals.

The Crystal Ladder Academy’s Language Curriculum provides our students guided instruction for language development that enhances their intellectual, social and emotional development. By teaching our students to use language for communication and the expression of their feelings and opinions, our Language Curriculum ensures our students learn how to make meaningful connections with the world around them. Our focus on the relation between oral and textual composition enhances the development of language and critical thinking skills while further developing our student’s written and oral language skills.

The Crystal Ladder Academy’s Mathematics Curriculum works towards building a foundational understanding of numerical and computative concepts in order to achieve mathematical process expectations for each student’s individual skill level. This is achieved by focusing on mathematical structures, operations, processes, and language with practical real-world experiences. In support of the diverse learning styles of our students, our mathematics curriculum is designed to be effectively modified by appropriately integrating information and communication technologies.

Science & Technology
The Crystal Ladder Academy’s Science & Technology Curriculum strives to connect students to society’s advancing technologies and the world’s natural environment. Scientific concepts of the natural and physical world are explored by utilizing a sample approach to gathering, organizing, and communicating information. While incorporating the latest in technological resources and tools, our students learn to develop investigative skills and problem-solving strategies through guided questions and prompted solutions targeting curriculum requirements for every level of learning.

The Arts
The Crystal Ladder Academy’s Arts Curriculum reflects the goals of the Ontario Curriculum by directing learning towards developing creativity through imaginative self-expression. Guided learning and direct instruction of sensory-based art mediums such as dance, music, and visual arts engage active participation from our students while garnering their opportunity to link art with personal growth and achievement. Moreover, an increase in cognitive, communicative, social-emotional and gross motor development are enhanced as students expand their skill-set through a wide-variety of artistic activities.

Social Studies, History & Geography
The Crystal Ladder Academy’s goals set forth by the Social Studies, History & Geography Curriculum is to provide students with a broader understanding of their personal identity within their local, national and global communities. With a focus on the interrelationship between social studies, history and geography, our students will be better equipped to responsibly engage and participate as involved citizens. By further developing their knowledge and skills to discern varying perspectives of the diverse world around them, students will be given opportunities to cooperatively collaborate with others when collecting, analyzing and communicating information.

Health & Physical Education
The Crystal Ladder Academy’s Health & Physical Education curriculum is tailored to promote the potentiality of all students by incorporating learning opportunities geared towards a healthy and active lifestyle. Holistic and practical strategies are given to subjects such as nutrition and hygiene, increasing a learner’s comprehension of overall health. While our group-play approach engages active participation through sport games and physical fitness activities that help build peer relationships and develop a positive sense of self. Moreover, the inclusive programming models self-regulation techniques aimed to enrich our student’s connection between emotional and physical health.

The Crystal Ladder Academy’s unique facilities allow for innovative activities that serves to enrich our students personal and educational goals. Activities such as our Equine-Assisted Therapy is easily assessable with our own stables and indoor riding arena. A partnership with York Region community center pools allow for safe and convenient facilitation for our Hydro Therapy Program. Regularly scheduled integrated on-campus educational experiences from community partners, as well as special day trips to conservation and educational centres provide fun learning experiences that further enhance our learners cognitive, social-emotional and communication skills.