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  • The Crystal Ladder Learning Centre (CLLC) strongly believes that a developmentally holistic approach between our various Clinical, Educational and Recreational Services is the key to any child’s success. Since our inception in 2014, The Crystal Ladder’s clear, concise and comprehensive holistic philosophy has formed the groundwork to our various therapeutic treatment services, innovative learning environments and assemblage of a multidisciplinary team of professionals. In doing so, The Crystal Ladder always strives to provide and ensure the highest quality of services to children with neurodevelopmental exceptionalities with proven intervention strategies implemented by consolidating learning and skill acquisition across all developmental domains.
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Educational Services

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Recreational Services

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Our Story

The Crystal Ladder Learning Centre (CLLC) was founded in 2014 by Executive Director Mariella Mongiovi, a local mother of twin daughters diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Along with Founding Director Wendy Savo, a special collaboration and partnership soon developed where their unique, yet complimentary perspectives in providing quality treatment services became the catalyst in the creation of the CLLC. Their steadfast commitment in creating holistic and innovative learning environments has led them to assemble a knowledgeable and experienced multi-disciplinary treatment team led by Clinical Director Subhashin Kanhai, ensuring that their original vision and mission is always being met.

CLLC's Multidisciplinary Team

Holding a doctoral degree, our Clinical Psychologist oversees all clinical research, psychological assessments, and formulation of CLLC’s evidence-based treatment plans.
With graduate level certification, our BCBA Clinician provides supervision and implementation of all CLLC's program development objectives and behaviour-analytic interventions.
A Treatment Team of Certified Behavioural Therapist’s conduct one-on-one ABA therapy while collecting, tracking and analyzing data and the effectiveness of each clients individual programs.
Heading CLLC’s Speech and Language Department, our practicing SL-P oversees the evaluations, diagnosis and treatment of all communication disorders, including speech, language, swallowing and cognitive-communication disorders.
CLLC’s team of Communicative Disorder Assistants provide clinical support in the facilitation and delivery of the SL-P’s treatment plans by conducting one-on-one Speech and Language Therapy sessions.
CLLC's licensed Psychotherapist incorporates their expertise and specialized training in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) with ABA, allowing then to adapt CBT and provide additional supports to our clients.
Specializing in Autism, CLLC's Occupational Therapist works on a huge array of skills for our clients, including basic and independent life skills, fine and gross motor skills, and sensory integration to name just a few.
A Certified CPI Instructor in nonviolent crisis intervention, CLLC's Behaviour Support Specialist provides on-going staff training and support, as well as the development and implementation of Behaviour Plans to ensure the safety of both staff and clients.
All of CLLC's Educational Services are planned, prepared and delivered by Ontario Certified Teachers, ensuring high quality learning experiences that follow the province's official curriculum's.
CLLC’s team of Educational Assistants provide direct support by assisting with educational tasks, adapting lesson plans and creating classroom materials, as well as assist in everyday tasks including eating, dressing, and toilet training.
Having received specialized training in EEG biofeedback neurotherapy, CLLC's Certified Neurofeedback Practitioners clinical approach follow the highest standards in the recording, analyzing and creation of individualized brain training programs.
The clinical practice of CLLC's Certified Music Therapist (MTA) is guided by evidence-based music therapy interventions that include client assessments, treatment plans and progress evaluations.
CLLC's Registered Practical Nurse provides on-site emergency and first-aid care, oversees the dispensing of all medications and conducts health assessments intakes for all our clients.
Playing an integral part of the CLLC staff team, our dedicated Child and Youth Workers assist in both our respite care program and in the facilitation of many our recreational programs including March Break, P.A. Day and Summer Day Camps.

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