The Crystal Ladder Learning Centre

Our Story

The Crystal Ladder Learning Centre (CLLC) was Founded in 2014 by Executive Director Mariella Mongiovi, a local mother of twin daughters diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

Her steadfast commitment in creating holistic and innovative learning environments has led her to assemble a knowledgeable and experienced multi-disciplinary treatment team, ensuring that her original vision and mission is always being met.

Our Partners



Plasticity Brain Centres offer customized treatment programs for children with autism.  Located in Orlando, Florida, The Crystal Ladder has created a special arrangement where the Plasticity Brain Centre host our Learner’s and their families for specialized neuroplasticity treatment.  An individualized plan is then created for each child through non-invasive and research-supported therapies.

Water Planet’s Harmony Program caters to children with Autism Spectrum Disorder by facilitating fun and educational swim-with-the-dolphins tours with a dedicated dolphin therapy program. Water Planet and the Crystal Ladder host an annual excursion every summer, making for a memorable trip for our Learners and their families.

Training for Life offers Brain Training Programs by using Neurofeedback technology to help thousands of clients in both the United States and Latin America.  CEO Juan Ricardo Diaz, MFT, NFP, a leader in wellness and self-improvement, has partnered with The Crystal Ladder to provide our staff, clients, and their families with courses, training, and lectures, in addition to overseeing our Neurofeedback Program.


TheraBounce is the first organization in Ontario to offer Rebound Therapy and Flexi-Bounce Therapy to children with a range of abilities and needs. Rebound Therapy and Flexi-Bounce Therapy make use of a trampoline or rebounder to provide therapeutic exercise, activities, and recreation.

Our Supporters

For everything you have done for us in the past, everything you still do and will continue to do,

we at The Crystal Ladder Learning Centre just want you to know how thankful we are,

and we look forward to a prosperous future together.

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