The Crystal Ladder Learning Centre

Kindergarten Program


The Crystal Ladders Kindergarten Program is an individualized and developmentally adaptable program designed to help each child reach their full potential. Combining the province of Ontario’s Kindergarten curriculum with evidence-based Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) practices, CLLC’s Kindergarten Programs integrated learning approach builds upon the foundational skills required to successfully transition from Kindergarten to elementary grade school levels. By following the fundamentals of play-based learning, CLLC’s multidisciplinary team of Educators effectively supports each child’s cognitive, emotional, social, and physical development in a fun and inclusive learning environment.


The Four Pillars of The Kindergarten Program:


-Belonging and Contributing
-Self-Regulation and Well-Being
-Demonstrating Literacy and Mathematics Behaviors
-Problem-Solving and Innovating


The Four Foundational Domains of Learning reflect the integrated way in which children learn through play and inquiry. These domains are critical to a child’s overall development during their early year’s education. These four domains align with Ontario’s official Kindergarten Curriculum, as well as the foundational conditions needed for children to grow and flourish. These foundational conditions that children naturally seek are Belonging, Well-Being, Expression, and Engagement.


Educational Philosophy and Mission
Our commitment and proven holistic approach in providing a wide variety of educational treatment programs for children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder continues to be the cornerstone of our learning environments. Applying years of experience and clinical expertise in Applied Behavioural Analysis methodology, The Crystal Ladder’s team of Educators effectively facilitate an evidence-based special education program. In doing so, our students receive a clinically enriched learning experience while meeting and exceeding the goals and expectations of the province of Ontario’s Kindergarten Program.


ABA Integrated Educational Approach
Applied Behaviour Analysis uses evidence-based principles to provide children on the Autism Spectrum with the support they need to learn, build, and retain skills. From one to one, small and large group instruction, our team of Educators have the knowledge and expertise to better identify and deal with challenging barriers to learning that many students with ASD face. Benefiting from our unique approach in integrating scientifically proven ABA methodology to the Ontario Kindergarten Program, our students receive the individual clinical-care and behavioural intervention strategies that best addresses their unique educational needs.


Individual Education Plans
Given the unique and diverse range of educational supports needed to properly assist students with exceptionalities, the development of an Individual Education Plan is essential in achieving positive learning results. Utilizing a multidisciplinary team approach, our Clinical Treatment Team and Educators collaborate closely with parents and other service providers to establish an educational framework that outlines alternatives, accommodations, and modified learning modalities for each of our students. Moreover, by conducting periodic clinical assessments, our comprehensive plans effectively incorporate concrete strategies with appropriate instructional levels and learning styles that best meet our student’s short and long-term academic goals.

COVID-19 Update

Our protocols and procedures for Covid-19:


As you all are aware there are screening protocols we have to follow, and our main concern is the safety and well-being of your kids and our staff. If your child is showing one or more symptoms (Sore throat, Stuffy nose/runny nose, Headache, Nausea/vomiting/diarrhea, Fatigue/lethargy/muscle aches/malaise) we will be calling you to come to pick your child up and to monitor their symptoms for 24 hours before returning to the centre.


Likewise, if your kids are showing symptoms at home please have your child stay home and again monitor the symptoms before returning.


We understand this is a difficult time for everyone, but we are looking out for everyone’s safety.



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